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This is one that can radiate a casual and free spirited look. Aside from that, it also reveals a fun loving personality. This may look complicated, but it is actually very easy to recreate. To easily attain this, follow these instructions: • Divide by parting a little on the side. • Apply some wax. • Section by section, make curls and twirls using a curling wand. • Apply shine as needed. • Finish the style by gathering in a bunch and letting it rest over one shoulder. Pull out a small lock on the other side and let it hand freely. Casual and carefree, ala Kate Hudson, implies nothing but fun and sun - a simple top and bare modicum of makeup accentuate all that is good, with a small secret smile for her friends and a knowing glance to boot for that special someone. Take your time with this, and let the curls gradually stretch into waves in the coming days.

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