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Curls over the shoulders always create movement. You will be able to see this sexy flow with the chestnut curls falling over the shoulders. This exhibits an alluring look by making use of medium sized or big curls. This can be recreated by following these instructions. • Section by parting on the side. • Add volume by blow drying and brushing it. • If needed, you can apply setting cream or wax. • Make the curls using a curling wand. • Manually separate the curls to create more volume and movement. • Finish the look by letting the curls fall naturally over the shoulders. This lovely mass of dark brown chestnut hair begs the eye to follow, perfectly framing the girls oval face - it falls from a center part fairly straight, and then the curls take over in a gentle waterfall fashion which screams studied indifference.

Debbie Clonineger - 03/03/2013 23:23:53
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Very lovely cut & style. I am going to try & attempt this style for myself. Now, I need to find the right hair color and get this all done ASAP.
Chichi - 15/09/2012 23:03:07
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I love this long and curl hair, how can i make my hair long like this, i have a beauty salon i want to learn more
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