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Elaborate blonde curls and big ringlets are the prime features of this look. This fashionable hairdo is good to wear in the office or on formal events. This may take a little time to replicate, but it can be done. • Section the hair by doing an extreme side parting. • Using a blow dryer and a round brush, brush to create volume as well as make it light, smooth, and lustrous. • Apply some wax on your locks to prepare it for curling. • Using large and medium sized rollers, create curls and ringlets on the hair. Do this on the bangs as well. • Finish the style by letting the curls and ringlets to naturally fall over the shoulders. She rocks a timeless look that is as old as long hair -even though these curls look like a natural, happy accident there is a bit of work involved in this; a mane by any other name, it frames a heart shaped face to perfection. The dark eyes and white dress make this a perfect ensemble.

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