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Messy is not always bad. It can also be stylish through the use of elaborate curls. It can induce different auras such as classy times as well as an outgoing and carefree spirit. • Divide the hair by parting the front part to one side and then combing the back part to the opposite side. • Apply some wax. • Blow dry and brush as you go on. Do this a little roughly to retain the messy look. • Using a curling wand, make some loose and messy curls on the hair. • Finish the look by allowing the hair to fall in place. Gone, but not out of date - this controlled mass of curls, spilling down the back and sides will perk up any outfit, but the black blouse, red lipstick and light makeup point to a free spirit that is not to be denied. The curls are easy and loose, but the body of this hair means the do will last all night.

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