Unique is always a head turner in terms of hairstyles. These waffled curls feature a fun, playful, and delicious aura. This is gorgeous yet it is very easy to recreate. This hairstyle may be mimicked by doing the following: • Section by making a side parting. • Apply some cream. • Comb the hair using a wide toothed comb or rake it with your fingers to put it in place. • Using a crimper, make waffle like crimps on the hair. Some crimpers have specific plates to create these kinds of waffled curls. • Finish the look by resting the hair over the shoulders. This do is all about fun - it may only last a night but it is sure to make a strong impression - combine with a frilly dress, light makeup and a carefree attitude and you will be the life of the party, ready to go all night and all tomorrow brings is a carefree ponytail with one or two strands to show your free loving nature.

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