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This flaunts versatility as it can be worn on daytime or nightime. The unending curls and boundless energy depicts a lot of small curls that are tousled and looks infinite in number. This cut also shows a lot of movement making it look like it has boundless energy to it. This hairstyle may be attained with these easy to follow steps: • Divide the hair by parting it a little on the side. • Separate little sections all over the hair. • Section by section, curl the hair using a curling wand. Do this from root to tip. • Finish the look by tousling and tossing the hair to give it a look of boundless energy. Is it early or late? This look says it doesn't really matter, sleep isn't even in the picture yet. The individual strands make a statement, and the way this do hangs over the side of the face communicates a playful nature as much as the tight curls. With a dress like that, a martini is an absolute - the dirtier the better!

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