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Sweeping over is not for bangs, you can also occasionally do this on the rest of the hair. Swept over casual wave with large curls at the bottom can prove this statement. This swept over design shows sexiness and youth altogether. To achieve this long hairstyle, you can: • Make a deep side parting on your hair. Use the pointy tip of a fine toothed comb in parting the hair and then follow it up by raking your hair with your fingers. • Apply wax. • Blow dry using a brush and a blow dryer. • Use a curling wand to make curls and separate them manually. • Finish the hair by making big curls on the bottom of the hair using big rollers. Once the curls are set remove the rollers. This swept over style is sure to please casual sensibilities - it looks easy and wind teased but will make a summer dress pop! Note how she wants to flip it back off the shoulder - that's what this style is for; fun, flirty and easy to maintain!

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