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Curls are not the only thing that you can do on your hair to make it lovely and gorgeous. You can also utilize thick twists to make a really lovely look. Take this one for instance, it exudes as much girlishness as curls make. With a little accessorizing it can be worn even on special occasions. This may be achieved with these easy to follow steps: • Partition the by making an extreme parting to one side. • Using a straightening iron, straighten out the hair. • Make little sections on the hair and make thick twists on the upper half of the hair using a curling wand. • On the lower half of the hair, select random locks and make some large loose twists on the hair. • Finish the look by gathering the hair in a bunch and resting it over the shoulder. Sometimes with hair this thick you just don't know what to do, but this girl figured it out - boy, did she! The thick falls to one side leaves the slim neck and line of the shoulder deliciously exposed, and the thin shirt celebrates early summer days. Get the fire ready, crack open a beer and get some music on.

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