This hairdo is surely on fire, not only because of the color and red streak it has, but also because of the unique style it is fixed in to. This hairstyle shows a mid-length cut that is parted in a rough zigzag way. This hairdo may be attained by doing these instructions: • Cut in layers. Crop lengthy bangs on the hair. • Start sectioning the hair by sweeping the bangs to one side. Then, go to the opposite side and section the hair again. The result should look like a zigzag. • On the bangs, color a red streak on some locks that are near the forehead. • Apply some hair wax on the hair. • Slightly curl the hair using a curling iron and twist the bangs near the tip. • Finish the style by scrunching the hair a little. This mid length cut combines elaborate, straight features and tousled waves to pull off a fusion look that is perfect for the sleeveless red blouse this girl is sporting, and it does a good job of concealing a bit of the forehead and falling along the right side of her face - a good trick to frame her heart shaped face!

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