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Curls are most lovely especially if designed with springtime themes. This hairdo displays springtime curls styled in an eye pleasing waterfall management. This style helps exude girlishness and cuteness. This hairdo may be achieved by doing these instructions: • Cut the hair in low layers. Crop some long bangs as well. • Section the bangs by side parting or side sweeping it. • Comb the rest of the hair to the back. • Initially, style by blow drying and brushing it. Do this to the bangs as well. • Use a curling iron to make neat springtime curls on the hair. • Finish the look by pinning a flower hair clip to the hair. Once again, straight bangs and hair that transitions into a slightly tighter curl arrangement makes this a fun, sassy cut that just goes with the floral and soft pink theme this girl has chosen - you can almost smell the spring scents of flowers and cut grass.

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