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Natural looking waves and curls are bouncy and lively. This goes the same with Bouncy and Natural Waves for a Natural Beauty. This offers allure to women as well as exude the natural beauty you possess. Here is how you can do this: • Cut the hair in low layers. Bangs are optional. If you choose to have one, make sure they are lengthy enough. • Section the hair by making a side parting. Include the bangs if any. • Blow dry the hair and brush it using a round brush to create waves, volume, and softness. • Apply shine as needed. • Use large rollers or curling wand to make soft loose curls. • Finish the look by tossing and bouncing the hair gently, up and down, to allow the curls to fall into place. This simple style is all about carefree fun and a simple attitude that just won't stop - it goes great with this white tank top, or any casual attire at all; a sundress or bikini would be just as at home, and its layered simplicity makes it an easy style to maintain for weeks with just a little input from you.

Alison - 14/10/2012 15:07:06
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What a beautiful blonde style.
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