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These curls embody superiority above all. The high class hauteur on defined and volumed waves features volume, weight, and class. This may be a little complicated to replicate, but it is definitely doable. Here is how you do it: • Crop some long bangs on the hair. Sweep it to the side. • Section the hair by parting it on the side. • Make little sections on the hair and curl them up using a curling wand. Use setting lotion or hair wax as needed. • Once the curls are done, comb the curls with a wide toothed comb. Apply hair wax to make them stick together. This will add the volume and weight. • Finish the look by applying hair wax on the bangs and roughly combing it. All you can say is wow to these classy waves as they spill down your back and over your shoulders in a high necked gown -dark colored dresses would go great with this shining golden color, and no matter the wardrobe casual would not be among the words used to describe you when displaying these wavy tresses!

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