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This one exudes a very laidback feeling it is so easy going that the wearer is seen to have elegance with a relaxed atmosphere. This is not very difficult to recreate. Here are the instructions on how you can do it. • Section using the pointy tip of a fine toothed comb. • Make some loose curls on the hair using a curling wand or rollers. • Help the hair by sweeping it roughly over to the side using the fingers. • Finish the look by applying some spray and by pulling a thin lock of hair on one side. Allow this lock to hang on the side. This cut is easy to make look good - pulled to the side like this speaks of quiet elegance, or frame your face with it hanging on both sides for a carefree look at the world - a soft, curled mane that will draw the eye - what does she see up there, other than a night of adventure that will be enhanced by this easy to maintain cut.

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