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Rough and messy yet natural and lovely – these are the words that can best describe this. The naturally falling messy curls is a stylistic way to put chaos on your long hair. Not difficult to mimic. Here are the instructions: • Cut the hair in low layers. • Section the bangs by parting it on one side. The rest of the hair is then combed back. This will be the base style of the hair. • Apply wax. • Use a curling wand and make some curls – from the top to bottom. • Loosen up the curls to make them appear messy. • Finish the look by scrunching the hair and letting it fall naturally afterwards. Chaos reigns with this loose mane - great days for an outdoor concert, or sailing with the wind in your hair; it's impossible to mess up what is already a beautiful mess, so live your life to the fullest with this wild, uninhibited look; note the oversized necklace and the way the spilling bounty accentuates the lines of neck and shoulder.

Wellington - 29/11/2017 04:33:51
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