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Look friendly and approachable with the amicable in small tight curls with a side parting it puts on view small tight curls that provide volume and lightness. If you have a naturally curly hair, just section the hair and apply serum on it. But if you have straight or wavy hair, replicate this look by following these easy instructions: • Section the hair in two. • Cut some simple layers. • Apply a generous amount of setting lotion. • Use small rollers and tightly wound sections of hair on them. • Once the curls are set, remove the rollers. • Toss the hair in the right place and wear it proud. These tight curls are great for girls with stiff or kinky hair, and they say we just wanna have fun - all day and all night! Go to the beach, and then look at it from the shaded veranda of the bar and you will have more attention than the ocean does - and more waves!

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