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Business chicks do not need to always wear tight and high styles. They can also let down their hair and wear some curls. The large side curls for the business 101 chick can be helpful in this situation. Here are the instructions how: • Section the hair by parting it on the side. • Apply wax. • Using a blow dryer and brush, style your locks to give it volume and shine. • Use a curling wand to make large side curls or soft twirls and waves. • Finish the look by bringing the curls and waves right over the shoulders. These soft waves say one thing in the right dress - you're no one to be messed with, and neither is your hair; it may take a bit of work in the morning, but you will be ready to tackle the day with confidence with this classy coiffure which brings a mixture of seriousness with a hint of the playful barely hidden!

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