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These tight wispy curls on medium length hair are another unique way of styling. This effect parades a voluminous hair made from wisps of curls. It can even be further stylized by wearing jewelries like dangling earrings or necklaces. Here is how you can achieve this: • Section the hair parting it on the side. • Prepare by applying setting lotion on it. • Use small rollers and wind the hair section by section. • Once the curls are set, remove the rollers. • Manually separate the curls into thin wisps. • Finish the look, by giving the hair some scrunching. This tight perm has had a day or two to relax - with just a little attention bring the spring back into these tight curls for the best of both worlds - beautiful and resilient enough to last all day and night. A great do to show off those dangly earrings, with just a few forward locks to accentuate the cheekbones - it's a carefree, happy day!

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