Long Hairstyles and Cuts for Longer Length Hair

Here at Long-Hairstyles.org we will provide you all the tips and tricks you need along with in depth information about the many types of longer length haircuts. Any woman with lengthy hair knows just how hard it can be to find the perfect hairstyle, and our goal is to make that as easy as possible for you. Some examples of hairstyles that will be covered throughout this website include straight styles, curly styles, and updo styles.

Straight Hairstyles


Straight hairstyles are some of the most popular, and for a good reason. If your hair is naturally straight, these styles are easy to maintain and easy to create. Straight hairstyles with layering can be great for any occasion, whether formal or informal and look great on a day to day basis.

Curly Hairstyles


Curly hairstyles might not be as popular as they once were, but they have been making a bit of a resurgence as of late. Curly hairstyles take a bit more time to plan, create, and maintain, but can come out looking great. Curly hair can also be worn up in a messy updo for formal occasions which make curly hairstyles quite flexible.

Updo Hairstyles


Updo hairstyles are traditionally seen as the formal option, but there are some informal updo styles as well. Included in this category are buns, ponytails, and any style in which the hair is worn up. Updo hairstyles are commonly seen at formal events, such as proms, weddings, and dances, but is also seen more frequently in informal situations as of late.

There are many different hairstyles available to choose from, it is narrowing the selection down to the one that will look best on you that is the hard part. Take your outfit into consideration when choosing a long hairstyle and always look for a style that is going to compliment your outfit. Everyone has their own styles that look great on them, so do not be afraid to experiment and try different things out.

Long-Hairstyles.org is the ultimate resource for information about flowing tresses and will serve as a one stop shop for information about improving upon your current styles. You can use our resources to create your own styles by combining several different styles, or using our guides. Finding the right style that fits your personality and look can take some time, but you will be very happy that you put the effort in.